Fearless Loving: Don’t settle

You have probably read somewhere, at some point that you cannot be loved until you love yourself.  And then you look around and see your friends or other strangers who are “paired up”, married even and you wonder what you are doing wrong, because, after all, if you are not paired up, it must mean that there is something wrong with you, that you do not yet love yourself enough.

On the other hand, are you, like me, someone who settled for something, for someone in a relationship?  Not that you knew at that time that you were settling but you were not totally happy.  You could not be yourself.  Or there was a tension, not enough spontaneous loving.  Like walking on eggs.

I remember a long term relationship that I should have ended much sooner.  I remember “putting a smile” on just before opening the door.  I don’t remember being relaxed and just so happy.

Thank God, it got so bad that I did end the “arrangement”.  I say arrangement because a real happy relationship should not feel like it did.

Unfortunately, it almost takes a lot of unhappiness before we get it that this is not “It”.  After, often years, and for some decades, we finally get it that it has to be better than what we have accepted.  And that day is often the day that you love yourself enough.  Enough to say “Enough of not good enough”.

Are you at a point where you want to find out how to be Fearless in Love.  How to learn to recognize and practice loving yourself to avoid spending years waiting, wishing and hoping that thing will change between you?

Then, call now 613-744-1538 to schedule a coaching call to help you clarify if Fearless Loving coaching is right for you.

Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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