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Could be that fear is about something else…

Fear is part of life.  At birth babies are afraid of falling and of loud noises.  From then, we add to the list.  What are you afraid of?  You have probably heard that a large percentage of us are more afraid of public speaking than we are of death.  How can that be?

If we look at it, fear of public speaking has to do with fear of making a fool of ourselves.  Of being laughed at,  being found to be incompetent, or stupid.  Death can be scary too but unless we are terminally ill or facing the wrong end of a rifle, we usually avoid thinking about it.

Do you have other fears?  Fears that make you avoid having the life you crave?  Fear of making a mistake?  Fear of having someone think you are selfish, or stupid or incompetent, or unlovable.  So you avoid taking risks for fear of being found out.?

Those fears show up in various ways.  For someone it’s avoiding saying no to friends or family for fear of being thought of as selfish.  Or not contributing in meetings at work for fear of saying something wrong.  Or avoiding a conversation in a social setting.  Or not being yourself in a dating situation.  Fear whether we are a coach or not shows up when we come close to the boundaries of our comfort (stuck) zone.

And we can grow more confidence once we identify what is our Wheel of Fear.  That one fear that makes us spin our wheel without getting anywhere

I support my clients through the fears they want to confront.  What happens is they re-invent their life.  They feel better about themselves and they show up differently in the world.  They also have more energy and more authentic satisfying relationships.

Are you ready to go for what you truly want?  Do you want more confidence?  If so, call during regular business hours (Eastern time) 613-744-1538 or use the contact form.  We can then schedule a session to determine how I can best help you transform your life.

Marguerite Tennier

More energy, more joy, less stress

through Fearless Living



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