Sleep = health, energy and beauty

I just could not resist one more post on sleep and how essential it is to respect your need for it.  I just read another article on the importance of enough sleep for health. I personally know that lack of sleep is bad for my health, but I can see how it shows in my face, even after just one too-short night.  Imagine what it does when we are chronically sleep deprived! Lack of sleep will also make you more hungry, but by being up for longer you will also add a snack, thus more calories. An all-over losing proposition – except for the weight gain.

There are some basic ways you can determine if you have enough sleep.  The first one, is you are not tired during the day.  You don’t doze off, you don’t feel you need another coffee, you don’t dream of your bed.  The other way is you wake up before the alarm clock and you feel rested.  You don’t use the snooze button, or just stay in bed as long as you can.  Aussitôt réveillé, aussitôt levé.

If you want to live for another while yet, to keep your physical health and mental health (very difficult to deal with stress when tired) and if you don’t want to look years older than you are, learn to prioritize sleep.

The best time to do it is to start now – on a Friday evening – instead of thinking “oh, I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow, I’ll stay up to watch the late night movie”, get yourself to bed at the same time (or earlier) than you do on weekdays.  See how your weekend goes with more energy.

If you are ready to put your self-care in high priority but you are not too sure how to go  about it, work with a coach.  Call me at 613-744-1538 during regular weekday business hours (Eastern Time) and we will schedule a time to discuss how you can reach your goal of taking better care of yourself.


Marguerite Tennier, M.A.

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