Your Wheel of Fear

Some of the most important thing to remember whenever you stick your neck out there is that first, you can fall flat on your face and get either your pride or your feelings hurt.  This is true for all creative projects, whether it’s writing a book or a blog, , creating a painting or a piece of music, or being an actor or comedian.  Not everyone will love what we do (I dabble in painting). And don’t worry.  Your Wheel of Fear will make certain to warn you against taking risks.

The same applies to times when you stick your neck out in your personal life.  Trying to reconnect with a friend after a misunderstanding or make new friends or saying “I love you” first when you really like someone,  or not daring  to talk to the great looking guy. Taking chances is not always going to work and some of the people you love or were trying to befriend may laugh at you or talk behind your back.  That’s life.

The other thing to remember about taking risks, is that if you don’t ask for what you want,or if you don’t take a chance writing that book or creating that painting, or showing someone you truly love that you do, well, there is a worse risk to never get what you want, to never do what you love or have who you love.

It’s so easy when we get rejected or made to feel foolish or worse,  to get on our Wheel of Fear and spin.  Either just make ourselves miserable and stressed out or do  things like shopping therapy, or binge eating or any other behavior that is done to try avoiding how we feel, behaviors which end up making us feel even more miserable (and broke, or fat, or taking bad risks with our health or our life) or to vow to never take chances to be hurt again.

Fear’s job is to keep you safe.  However, fear sees a bruise to our pride or our feelings at the same level it would want to make us react if there was a boa constrictor or a lion in the room.  Fear wants to keep us safe, but safety often leads to boredom and worse, lack of growth and ultimately necrosis (death). Not necessarily physical death but emotional and spiritual death.

Are you feeling a lot of numbness inside, feeling bored to death, feeling like you have not tried anything new in such a long time you don’t even remember.  Always taking the same way home, the same restaurants, the same (old boring) friends.  Then you may be suffering from too much spinning on your Wheel of Fear.  And there is a solution.

If you recognize yourself in the above and are ready to take more chances, to feel more alive, call for a free coaching call to help you decide if coaching is right for you at this time.

Call 613-744-1538 during regular weekdays business hours (Eastern time).  We will set up a time, about 45 minutes, to schedule our call.

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