How was your Summer?

How was your Summer?  WOW!  Mine went so fast.  I have taken the whole Summer off.  Lots of swimming at the lake, hiking, time with family and plenty of reading.  I feel wonderful and ready to tackle new projects and work with new clients.

Did you take time off this Summer?  I know it is so important to let the body and the mind recharge periodically, yet I hear that many professionals take no or less than a week’s vacation.

Vacation time, like sleep, is not a luxury.  Our bodies and our brains are not machines.  They work better and last longer when they are given time off during which some people enjoy doing nothing other than doing beach time and swimming, while others prefer to explore new activities, new venues or new passions.

If you are not roaring to go, there is still time to plan a week or more off  before we get into the colder days of Fall.  Do whatever is in your power to get time off, find a sitter for the kids or the pets and take yourself out of town or out of the country.  If money is tight, do a “stay-cation”, in town but out of the house and preferably in nature.  Go hiking, go for a picnic by the lake, and do it at least 3 days in a row.  Find a small town or village nearby and have dinner on the terrace to catch the last warm days of Summer.  Turn your phone off while you hike or go far enough so there is no reception.

I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.



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